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Portrait: Kids

Brady Turns 2… :: {north ga photographer}

Mr Brady… I’ve shot this guy since about 6 months old and now he’s turning 2!… Seems like a familiar post (dejavu from earlier this week). We shot these at Hurricane Shoals Park and he was the perfect little model as usual. Check out some these great shots… and oh yeah he’s got a baby brother on the way… Congrats!! ::


Trulove’s Two :: { jefferson ga photographer }

Little Macy whom I have shot since week 2… is now two years old… wow! Not much to say she is always a cutie and always rocks the camera… Check these out and… Tic-Tacs was the key to this session =) ::

I also had a little helper for her session…. i hope he doesn’t put me out of business =)

Greene Shooting Greene :: { athens ga photographer }

About a year or so I entered a photography package into our local high school booster club charity event… it was auctioned off for a good cause and well this family won the bid… well we have been in contact back and fourth ever since her youngest son was born about a year ago… We finally got to plan a date and shot the session this afternoon and I was looking forward to it. Her boys are so sweet and like any other 1 and 4 year old, mom and dad had bribed them with some ice cream afterwards… yummy! Anyway, dad’s face may seem just a little familiar to a few of you Dawg fans out there… he’s probably one of the greatest QB’s that the NCAA has ever seen and I was a bit star-struck at first, but what a down to earth guy… enjoyed the evening shooting him and his family… Maybe, just maybe I  become his go to receiver… i mean photographer =). Check out some of the shots from this afternoon.. ::


Big Sister, Little Sister :: {north ga photographer}

Ahhhhh it feels great to be shooting again, I had my first shoot this past Monday since my amazing senior session a few weeks back… this session pretty much marked an end to my well planned, well deserved break… now it’s time to hit the gas wide open an knock out these weddings and other sessions booked in the coming weeks and months. This session was nice because I got to take some shots of 1 year old Gracie and just about a year or so ago I shot her bigger sister at the same age…. well both were present at this session and we got some great shots… here is a quick sneak peek… check them out ::

Kale Corbett – A True Player

” Hi, I am Kale Corbett.  My parents are Tim and Brandy Corbett and I have a sister, Katy Rose.  I am in the 4th grade at Jefferson Academy.  I love to play football, basketball, and run track.  One day, I began to feel so tired that I couldn’t even play during my football game.  That isn’t like me so my mom and dad took me to the doctor.  After lots of tests, they said I had leukemia.  It is a rare type of ALL.” -Kale

Meet Kale Corbett… that is Kale’s story. I just recently met Kale this past Monday, I have always known his mom, his uncle and just most recently shot his aunt’s engagement session….  a great and very close nit family! A very competitive gene pool there and Kale has seemed to gained it honestly as he jumped right out of the car with a football in hand throwing hailmary passes to his sister Katy and diving on the ground to catch passes (momma wasn’t crazy about him getting dirty, but it was a good catch!). Kale has been diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia… and has since under went a few chemo treatments, but I tell you what you would have never known it do to this guys spunk and good attitude! The GREAT news is they have a bone marrow donor and they were officially cleared for transplant! I have been keeping up with Kale here at his webpage. You can tell God is truly working in and around this little guys life and family. If you care to help Kale out in anyway you can start by stopping by his donations page. Kale we’ll photograph you again in a few months and you can show me how to throw one of those hailmary passes!

Here are a few shots of Kale and his family :

Below is Kale looking for a hawk…. love the concentration =)

Good Luck Kale…. we’re praying for you and your family and we’ll see you guys in a few short months…


Too Cute :: {athens ga childrens photographer}

I shoot a limited number of children sessions each year and I have had the privilege of capturing some cute kids, BUT this lil angel from my last shoot is an absolute doll. This little girl was a joy to shoot and she was so funny and explorative (probably not a word but it is to me She was checking out all kinds of things but still gave us those great moments in between. She reminds me of a baby doll with her big greene eyes. Check out some of these sneak peeks ::

Parker is One :: { athens ga photographer }

Mr. Parker turned one! We have completed his Crib, Crawl and Walk series… and walk is actually an understatement, this kid can fly! For a 13 month old Parker was FAST! In between Parker’s  shots and his Olympic sprints we worked his cute big sister into th esession Ms. Anna Kate. She was a little shy at first but quickly warmed up to the camera and started super modeling it towards the end of the shoot. Here are a few sneak peeks from this past Thursday’s session ::