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Rock On… Rock On!!

So i just got threw doing one of my most favorite things ever… yes shooting, but shooting a “band/singer” session. These are so fun to do. Eric Dodd is an up and coming local singer song writer.. i worked with him on his last album about a year ago… we worked together on doing his photography and the design of his CD… well the smae is going for this years… we just finished up his photo shoot and we will soon get started on his CD design. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session


Corey Smith & concert shooting

Hey guys… I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I figured it was about time for me to post another entry. This one is a concert shoot that I did the Friday after Thanksgiving at the Corey Smith show at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta (SOLD OUT by the way), I have added a few shots from that show. The most challenging thing about concert photography is that, not any one concert will have the same results. The colored lights can play hell with a camera’s sensor and white balance. You have to be patient and be on your toes. I tried a few different things this go around which resulted in some very dramatic shots. I am very pleased with a few of the techniques that i used… these shots were taken at 1000 ISO or higher… very good quality with little noise if any (thats for the other camera nerds like me). Take look and enjoy.